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OptimaBIOGAS modeling platform helps North Carolina harness waste-to-energy and reduce emissions

The final report for Duke University’s groundbreaking biogas research project has been released. It reveals the development of a pioneering economic analysis modeling platform that incorporates all aspects of a statewide biogas-to-electricity infrastructure. Duke’s announcement, Study Evaluates Strategies for Generating Electricity From Hog Waste, says that the economics can work out good for a scaled-up biogas infrastructure in North Carolina. It has just never been done before. … [Read more...]

Petronomist Special Reports

Post-BPMigas: Where do we go from here?

(JAKARTA POST) The Constitutional Court’s decision to dissolve the upstream oil and gas regulator BPMigas caught most of us by surprise. The legal move against BPMigas had been launched by several organizations that deemed the institution “pro-foreign interests”. This Court’s … [Read More...]

Obituary: Prof. Widjajono, an inspiring yet humble Indonesian deputy minister of energy

This weekend, the Indonesian energy community has been shocked with the sudden passing of Prof. Widjajono Partowidagdo, Indonesian Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources while he was climbing Tambora Mountain in Eastern Indonesia. During his short tenure, he showed a … [Read More...]

The Revival of Pertamina

JAKARTA:  Indonesia’s state-owned oil and gas company Pertamina posted a respectable net income of roughly USD$2.7 billion in 2011, up 40.7% year-over-year. Pertamina was previously a leader in Southeast Asia but has since fallen behind other national energy companies such as Petronas … [Read More...]

East Africa Frontier Yields Big Deepwater Gas

The reports are in from the East African frontier:  new deepwater gas wells in Mozambique and Tanzania look like a solid commercial success.   Known as the Rovuma Basin, the area is located in the Mozambique Channel and is starting to look like an important region for future natural … [Read More...]

Oil Price Analysis: Supply, Demand, and Futures Trading

Our senior economist explains how underlying theory of supply and demand affects prices, but also how the futures contract dominates the factors affecting price. Oil prices fluctuate. As with any commodity, price is determined by the interaction between supply and demand. … [Read More...]