Businesses embrace compressed natural gas to power vehicles

(HERALD NEWS) While plug-in electric cars are gaining in popularity, might drivers one day fill up at home using the gas that powers their stove and furnace?

Companies in the Southland are sending out trucks that run not on gasoline or diesel fuel but compressed natural gas, or CNG. Automakers ultimately might offer more CNG-powered cars and trucks, but for now the cost is prohibitive and — as it was in the early days of electric vehicles — fueling stations are few and far between.

In the fall, Mokena-based ready-mix concrete company Ozinga Bros. rolled out 14 CNG-powered trucks, and the owner of Doreen’s Gourmet Pizza estimates that he’s saving $25,000 to $30,000 a year in fuel costs by relying on natural gas to deliver frozen pizzas to grocery stores throughout the Southland.

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