Toshiba Joins NET Power, Shaw, and Exelon to Develop New Power Generation Technology

(POWER ENGINEERING) NET Power today announced that Toshiba Corporation, a world-class technology manufacturer, has joined The Shaw Group, a leading global engineering services firm, and Exelon Corporation, the leading US competitive energy provider, to develop NET Power’s novel, clean, gas-fired power generation technology. Last week, Shaw announced that it was makinga substantial investment in NET Power LLC.

Toshiba brings turbine manufacturing expertise to the NET Power team.

“NET Power’s technology is driven first and foremost by its low-cost electricity production, which does not require regulations or additional revenue streams to be highly competitive in the marketplace,” said Bill Brown, chief executive officer of NET Power. “By affordably capturing CO2, though, NET Power can access the large EOR market, creating substantial added value for NET Power plant owners, providing strong market incentives for CO2 capture and storage, and enabling large reserves of stranded, domestic oil to be accessed.”

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