About Petronomist

Mission Statement

  • Petronomist supports industry and governments working together to efficiently supply energy for our markets. We recognize how oil, natural gas, and other energy sources help people enjoy a higher standard of living. We also encourage environmental responsibility and understand the importance of keeping our world healthy as we keep families and economies supplied with all forms of energy.

Chief Editor & Economist

  • Darmawan Prasodjo, PhD
    Dr. Prasodjo specializes in environment, energy policy, modeling, markets, and global energy strategy. His strength is understanding complex economic scenarios as theories are applied to real-world circumstances, and he is able to deploy the entire spectrum of economic-business modeling formulation by using his multidisciplinary background in economics, software engineering, database, GIS, and research. He was formerly an energy economist at Duke University with research interests in energy modeling, energy policy, carbon capture and storage, and environment. He received a PhD in Applied Economics with focus on energy policy and modeling, and also bachelors and masters degrees in Computer Science with minor in Operation Research, all from Texas A&M University. Dr. Prasodjo is a speaker at major U.S. energy conferences with focus in energy and environment and his upcoming book Modeling Oil Fiscal Systems will be released in 2013.

Board Committee

    • Chairman
      • Darmawan Prasodjo, PhD
  • Members
      • Arcandra Tahar, PhD
        Dr. Tahar is employed with Horton Wison Deepwater in the position of Principal, responsible for the design and development of more durable, effective, and safe deepwater platforms. He has over fourteen years of experience in the field of hydrodynamics and offshore engineering, and has developed specialized expertise through extensive schooling and practical experience in the industry. During the previous 11 years, he has been working with the inventors of floating and compliant drilling and production systems, Spar, TLP, Compliant Tower, Buoyant Tower and Multi Colum Floater, of which the TLP and Spar products alone represent the vast majority of all floating drilling and production systems operational in the world today. Dr. Tahar has two offshore-related patents and the is co-author of the well-recognized and industry standard hydrodynamics program HARP/CHARM3D. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia. He received his Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy (2001) degrees in Ocean Engineering from Texas A&M University. Dr. Tahar was past vice chairman of the Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering Society, Houston Chapter.


      • Erwinsjah Putra, PhD
        Dr. Putra is currently senior reservoir engineer with Kinder Morgan CO2 Company. He was previously with the Petroleum Engineering Department, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB, Indonesia) as an assistant professor, with the Petroleum Recovery Research Center at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (NMIMT) as a post-doctoral research associate, and with the Petroleum Engineering Department at Texas A&M University as a TEES research engineering associate IV. He holds a bachelors degree from ITB and masters and PhD from NMIMT. He served as a review chairman for the journal SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering. Dr. Putra has 18 years experience in reservoir simulation, numerical modeling, transient well test analysis, petrophysical and log analyses, PVT study and EOS, decline curve analysis, material balance application, and economic evaluation. He also has industry experience with waterflooding and CO2 flooding projects in naturally-fractured reservoirs, CO2 project expansion, and field development projects for oil and gas reservoirs.


      • Zuher Syihab, PhD
        Dr. Syihab is as an assistant professor with the Petroleum Engineering Department at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). He has expertise in reservoir simulation and has designed and built a breakthrough simulation based on ‘discrete fracture networks using flexible Voronoi gridding’. His strength is using an innovative approach to build the next generation of reservoir simulation and analysis platforms through better design and development. He worked for BP Indonesia and Royal Dutch Shell in Houston with focus in reservoir simulation and produced several patents while with Shell. He received a bachelors degree from ITB and PhD from Texas A&M University, both in Petroleum Engineering.


      • Prahoro Nurtjahyo, PhD
        Dr. Nurtjahyo has 18 years experience as an ocean engineer with expertise in detail design, FEED, pre-FEED, and proposal of various floater’s (FPSO, Spar, Deep-Draft Semi and CALM Buoy) motion and hydrodynamics interaction for offshore deep- and shallow-water projects in the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, Australia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. He spent seven years working on computational fluid dynamics focusing on hydrodynamic and offshore applications such as scouring seabed around pipeline or jacket platforms, multi-body interactions, and vortex-induced vibration around risers. His diverse experiences include working for Indonesian Aircraft Industries to develop a numerical tool to design and generate a grid for analyzing single- and multi-component wing assemblies. He holds a bachelors degree in Applied Mathematics from Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology and a masters and PhD in Ocean Engineering from Texas A&M University.


      • Jaffee Suardin, PhD


    • Khairil Irfan Sitanggang, PhD