Sugarcane Breeding Institute develops ‘energy canes’

(ECONOMIC TIMES) City-based Sugarcane Breeding Institute has developed energy canes, which are expected to give high yield and is being evaluated at Samalkot in Andhra Pradesh, a senior institute official said today. [Read more…]

New Biogas System Benefits Smallholder Farmers in Tanzania

(ALL AFRICA) An affordable, easy-to-use system that converts livestock waste into energy (biogas) has helped Tanzanian smallholder farmers spend less on fuel and yield better crops. [Read more…]

Next-Generation Biofuels Are Inching Towards Reality, Gallon by Gallon

(TIME) Advanced biofuels have been on the cusp of commercialization for years, but high prices and technological challenges have held them back. Is that starting to change? [Read more…]

Indonesia could become self-sufficient in gasoil with new mandate

(PLATTS) Indonesia’s new biodiesel mandate could see the country — currently one of the region’s largest gasoil importers — become self-sufficient in the fuel over the next 10 to 12 years. [Read more…]

Game-day fryer oil converted to biofuel

(SPOKESMAN-REVIEW) The oil that cooked game-day french fries at Autzen Stadium on Saturday afternoon will be shipped to Salem, mingled with oil that cooked Kettle Chips and converted into biodiesel, which fans with diesel-burning cars could burn on the way to the Tennessee game in two weeks. [Read more…]

More Efficient and Economical Capture of Power Plant Carbon Dioxide Emissions

(SCIENCE DAILY) A consortium led by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a new technology that captures the carbon dioxide emissions of power plants more economically and ecologically. [Read more…]

California company targets palm oil waste for advanced biofuel production

(BIOMASS MAGAZINE) California-based NextFuels has emerged from stealth mode and is unveiling its strategy to produce advanced biofuels from wet, unprocessed agricultural waste via a hydrothermal process originally developed by Shell in the 1980s. [Read more…]

New Frontiers: Now it’s crude oil from algae that is being tested

(PLATTS) Turning algae into a distillate-type fuel has long been one prospective area of renewable liquid fuels; it’s even the renewable project where ExxonMobil has been the most aggressive in its investments. [Read more…]

Renewable Natural Gas from Landfill Fueling Local Buses in Seattle

(KPLU) Natural gas from organic waste is gaining momentum as a renewable energy source, and a local transit agency is already on board. [Read more…]

Philippines raises coco-biodiesel blend mandate from 2% to 5%

(XINHUA) The government launched today an improved coco-biodiesel blend that will help in reducing carbon emissions, expand the local coconut industry and reduce the country’s dependence to imported fuel. [Read more…]