As oil flows east, race is wide open to price Asia’s imports


(REUTERS) China will increasingly dominate global oil trade with a fuel import bill worth half a trillion dollars a year by the end of the decade – a lucrative prospect for futures exchanges battling to provide the benchmark to price Asia’s oil. [Read more...]

Tough fiscal terms seen as major threat to IOCs’ exploration activities


(BUSINESS DAY) Tough government fiscal terms have been identified as the major challenge facing oil exploration by international oil companies (IOCs). This is against the background of the downturn in exploration activity in the oil and gas industry, especially in the deepwater, coupled with decreasing resource size and uncertain gas terms, according to industry operators. [Read more...]

New natural gas royalty structure announced for New Brunswick province in Canada


(SACKVILLE TRIBUNE-POST) The provincial government has developed a new royalty structure that will significantly increase the royalties received for natural gas in the long-term without discouraging development. [Read more...]

Future Challenges for Electricity Security – see the presentations from IEA conference


International Energy Agency

Electricity Security Action Plan Workshop:  “Future Challenges for Electricity Security [Read more...]

Russian oil output hits post-Soviet high

(UPSTREAM) A production ramp-up at Gazprom Neft and Surgutneftegas brought Russia’s oil output to a new post-Soviet high of 10.59 million barrels per day in October. [Read more...]

Tanzania outlines new oil and gas production terms

(REUTERS) * Tanzania outlines payments on signing licenses
* Terms also include new royalty structure [Read more...]

Trinidad energy minister touts ‘world’s first natural gas economy’


(FUEL FIX) Kevin Ramnarine has been minister of energy and energy affairs for Trinidad and Tobago since 2010. Before joining the government of the Caribbean islands that are northeast of Venezuela, he worked as an economist for the Trindid and Tobago office of energy company BG Group. [Read more...]

Key World Energy Statistics 2013 – IEA Report

(INTERNAIONAL ENERGY AGENCY) Free, handy reference tool – the most downloaded IEA publication – offers snapshots of how energy is produced, transformed and consumed [Read more...]

Executive Interview: Malcolm Webb, Chief Executive, Oil & Gas UK


(OIL COUNCIL) Malcolm, there seems to be a new wave of prosperity for North Sea oil and gas as well as a significant increase in investment in 2013. For those not overly familiar with the region, what have been the causes of this noteworthy change? [Read more...]

Emerging Regulatory & Policy Issues Facing Canada’s Oil and Gas Industry


(OIL COUNCIL) Canada’s oil and gas industry has experienced a relatively stable and predictable operating environment. In part, this has been due to a common government recognition that technical issues regarding safety and responsible resource development are matters often best left to experienced experts overseen by objective independent regulators. [Read more...]