Chile looking to gas to meet energy demand, energy minister says

(OIL & GAS JOURNAL) Chile is focusing most of its attention on natural gas to meet the country’s energy demand challenges, stated Maximo Pacheco Matte, the newly appointed Minister of Energy, during a July 2 panel discussion in Houston. [Read more…]

South Africa’s nuclear energy plan at a crossroads

(OXFORD BUSINESS GROUP) President Jacob Zuma has announced a shake-up of the South African energy sector after signalling the government will push ahead with both nuclear energy generation and shale gas exploration. [Read more…]

India’s Oil Supply and Demand Gap Widening

(MARITIME EXECUTIVE) India was the fourth-largest consumer and fourth-largest net importer of crude oil and petroleum products in the world in 2013, after the United States, China, and Japan. [Read more…]

Need for carbon capture pressing as global coal use surges

(ABC) The International Energy Agency (IEA) says the cost of carbon capture and storage (CCS) for coal fired power stations is dropping at a time when coal use is ramping up. [Read more…]

Geothermal Investment Shifts Renewable Energy Attention to Indonesia

(GLOBAL INDONESIAN VOICES) Indonesia is a powerful commodities house with an abundance of various natural resources. [Read more…]

The Energy Quiz from ExxonMobil

(EXXONMOBIL) How much do you know about the energy you use, where it comes from and how we can save more of it? [Read more…]

Chevron goes to extremes in the Gulf of Mexico

(FORTUNE) The oil giant is spending billions to tap new oil fields in deepwater far offshore. Take an up-close look at how it’s done. [Read more…]

Latin America’s Largest Solar Plant to Be Built in Chile

(DAILY FUSION) First Solar, an American manufacturer of thin film photovoltaic modules, plans to construct a 141 MW(ac) solar power plant in Chile’s Atacama Desert. [Read more…]

Greece promises tax cut to attract oil and gas majors

  •  (REUTERS) Greece plans to cut tax for oil/gas firms to 25 pct from 40 pct
  • Wants them to help exploit offshore hydrocarbon resources
  • Announces tender of first oil exploration licences [Read more…]

Water-Based Organic Battery for Grid-Scale Energy Storage Developed

(DAILY FUSION) Researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) have created an inexpensive aqueous flow organic battery for grid-scale energy storage. [Read more…]