Deepwater well construction requires precision, thorough planning


(OFFSHORE) Deepwater well construction is all about planning and logistics. Typically, if these two challenges are not handled flawlessly, they can cause more issues than drilling and completion. [Read more...]

New lab at Clemson University advances study of electric power grid technology


(CLEMSON UNIVERSITY) With the opening of the Real-Time Power and Intelligent Systems Laboratory, Clemson University will be in a position to better prepare the electrical power industry workforce of the future. [Read more...]

U.S. Dept. of Energy to Fund 18 Research Projects to Drive Down Costs of Carbon Capture


(POWER) Eighteen carbon capture projects across the U.S. have been chosen to receive $84 million in federal funding to help improve the efficiency and drive down costs of carbon capture processes for new and existing coal power plants. [Read more...]

Texas A&M to lead new offshore safety institute for oil & gas industry

(UPSTREAM) US regulators have chosen Texas A&M as a partner in a five-year project to promote dialogue and partnerships across industry on offshore safety matters. [Read more...]

New natural gas royalty structure announced for New Brunswick province in Canada


(SACKVILLE TRIBUNE-POST) The provincial government has developed a new royalty structure that will significantly increase the royalties received for natural gas in the long-term without discouraging development. [Read more...]

Future Challenges for Electricity Security – see the presentations from IEA conference


International Energy Agency

Electricity Security Action Plan Workshop:  “Future Challenges for Electricity Security [Read more...]

Has The Time Finally Arrived For Fuel Cells? Some Private Investors Are Beginning To Think So


(FORBES) Investors with long memories will recall the enormous buzz around fuel cells in the late 1990s in early 2000s. [Read more...]

BP supercomputing center to aid safer exploration drilling, enable better well placement


(DRILLING CONTRACTOR) BP has opened a new Center for High-Performance Computing (CHPC) that the company says houses the largest commercial supercomputer for research in America. [Read more...]

Breakthrough research produces brighter, more efficiently produced LED lighting


(PHYS.ORG) By determining simple guidelines, researchers at UC Santa Barbara’s Solid State Lighting & Energy Center (SSLEC) have made it possible to optimize phosphors –– a key component in white LED lighting –– allowing for brighter, more efficient lights. [Read more...]

Trinidad energy minister touts ‘world’s first natural gas economy’


(FUEL FIX) Kevin Ramnarine has been minister of energy and energy affairs for Trinidad and Tobago since 2010. Before joining the government of the Caribbean islands that are northeast of Venezuela, he worked as an economist for the Trindid and Tobago office of energy company BG Group. [Read more...]