Future Challenges for Electricity Security – see the presentations from IEA conference


International Energy Agency

Electricity Security Action Plan Workshop:  “Future Challenges for Electricity Security [Read more...]

Power bills squeeze Italian business


(MSN MONEY) * Italy SMEs pay 40 pct more for power vs Europe

* Green subsidies add 12 bln euros/yr to bills [Read more...]

Russian oil output hits post-Soviet high

(UPSTREAM) A production ramp-up at Gazprom Neft and Surgutneftegas brought Russia’s oil output to a new post-Soviet high of 10.59 million barrels per day in October. [Read more...]

Fuel-Cell Revolution: Can Toyota Save the Electric Car?


(SPIEGEL ONLINE) Toyota has developed a new long-range electric vehicle powered entirely by a cutting-edge fuel cell. [Read more...]

Key World Energy Statistics 2013 – IEA Report

(INTERNAIONAL ENERGY AGENCY) Free, handy reference tool – the most downloaded IEA publication – offers snapshots of how energy is produced, transformed and consumed [Read more...]

Executive Interview: Malcolm Webb, Chief Executive, Oil & Gas UK


(OIL COUNCIL) Malcolm, there seems to be a new wave of prosperity for North Sea oil and gas as well as a significant increase in investment in 2013. For those not overly familiar with the region, what have been the causes of this noteworthy change? [Read more...]

Big Oil faces pressure from shareholders over costs


(REUTERS) Oil industry shareholders concerned about poor returns and costly projects urged executives from Big Oil this week to return cash to shareholders – and at least one of the world’s top five petroleum companies fully acquiesced. [Read more...]

Mini-Nuclear Reactors & The New Power Game


(ENERGY TRIBUNE) So the deed is finally done. After two years of wrangling over the size of the subsidies and a guaranteed production price the UK Government has sealed a £16 billion ($26bn) deal that will see two European Pressurized Reactors (EPRs) constructed at Hinckley Point C in Somerset. [Read more...]

Lots of interesting graphs mid-term oil market until 2018

(International Energy Agency) Medium-Term Oil Market Report 2013 [Read more...]

Britain’s North Sea oil fields staging a comeback


(MARKET WATCH) Production from the British sector of the North Sea is forecast to level off after nearly 15 years of decline, and some analysts think output could increase again if current investment continues, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday. [Read more...]