Deepwater well construction requires precision, thorough planning


(OFFSHORE) Deepwater well construction is all about planning and logistics. Typically, if these two challenges are not handled flawlessly, they can cause more issues than drilling and completion. [Read more...]

Tough fiscal terms seen as major threat to IOCs’ exploration activities


(BUSINESS DAY) Tough government fiscal terms have been identified as the major challenge facing oil exploration by international oil companies (IOCs). This is against the background of the downturn in exploration activity in the oil and gas industry, especially in the deepwater, coupled with decreasing resource size and uncertain gas terms, according to industry operators. [Read more...]

Texas A&M to lead new offshore safety institute for oil & gas industry

(UPSTREAM) US regulators have chosen Texas A&M as a partner in a five-year project to promote dialogue and partnerships across industry on offshore safety matters. [Read more...]

BP supercomputing center to aid safer exploration drilling, enable better well placement


(DRILLING CONTRACTOR) BP has opened a new Center for High-Performance Computing (CHPC) that the company says houses the largest commercial supercomputer for research in America. [Read more...]

Key World Energy Statistics 2013 – IEA Report

(INTERNAIONAL ENERGY AGENCY) Free, handy reference tool – the most downloaded IEA publication – offers snapshots of how energy is produced, transformed and consumed [Read more...]

Mexico to keep pumping Pemex for tax money despite promised reforms


(REUTERS) Saddled with a tax rate of almost 100 percent, Mexican state oil company Pemex hands over so much cash to the government that it has only a fraction of the money it needs to invest in production and exploration. [Read more...]

From Big Foot to Bluto, Gulf of Mexico bolstering U.S. as No. 1 in oil


(REUTERS) The Gulf of Mexico, stung by the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history in 2010 and then overshadowed by the onshore fracking boom, is on the verge of its biggest supply surge ever, adding to the American oil renaissance. [Read more...]

Deepwater enhanced oil recovery has unique technological challenges


(OFFSHORE) The 2013 Deep Offshore Technology (DOT) International conference closed its technical sessions with a panel discussion on improving oil recovery in deepwater fields. [Read more...]

Companies work to reduce natural gas flaring at oil wells


(BISMARCK TRIBUNE) Eliminating flaring and putting to use natural gas produced in the oil pumping process will likely take time, but two Bismarck companies are working to reduce flaring in the near term. [Read more...]

Lots of interesting graphs mid-term oil market until 2018

(International Energy Agency) Medium-Term Oil Market Report 2013 [Read more...]